A SSP to maximize smartphone ad revenue

A SSP to maximize smartphone ad revenue
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What is adfurikun SSP?

adfurikun is a smartphone app-focused supply side platform made from a media standpoint. You can maximize your revenue efficiently while keeping the developing/ operating resources to a bare minimum.


We will do the necessary setup to connect you to the various ad networks supported and enable users to deliver various multiple advertising types with simple steps. We will do our utmost best to fulfill your requests and inquiries.

Supported Platforms

  • Android


  • iPhone


  • Smartphone Sites

    Smartphone Sites

  • PC Sites

    PC Sites


Start using adfurikun within Android apps, iPhone apps, smartphone sites, PC sites. We also offer Unity to meet each media's development environment.adfurikun can be used in combination with AdMob mediation.

Support for various type of advertising with 1 SDK/JavaScript

Integrate all ad display processes necessary for free applications with 1 SDK/JavaScript.

No need to integrate SDKs for different types of advertising or ad networks.
adfurikun is the only platform to serve mediation from normal banner ads and icon ads to interstitial ads and wall ads.

Mobile Banner









アドフリくん動画広告のサンプル1 アドフリくん動画広告のサンプル2

Simple and easy-to-use management screen

Manage reports of multiple ad networks and view real time graphs put together on a single adfurikun dashboard.
Use indicators such as impressions/ clicks/ click rates/ eCPM/ revenue/CPC to measure the effect and monetization strategy.

The dashboard features outputting CSV reports and provides ways to share operation history when working with multiple operators.

The dashboard can be also be accessed from smartphones, which allows you take action when ad distribution suddenly stops.

Serve house ads


Start serving ads from other apps with the provided network ads.

We serve different types of advertising such as icons and interstitials, as well as support for 640x100 high resolution.

Detecting open ad space


Obtain and display ads based on the allocation ratio!
Avoid open ad space is ads for reasons such as ads being out of stock and delivery errors from the ad network side.

Multiple ad networks, SSPs

Our partners include leading domestic ad networks, SSPs working with DSPs and more.Our support for overseas distribution can help you monetize globally.


Hear some of our customers' voices

We were using another company's network when we first heard about the benefits of using adfurikun. We were still a bit skeptical at the time of integrating adfurikun, but our profit grew 3 - 5 times compared to before. They've provided us with detailed support even after the integration and we're truly happy that we made the switch.

Quattro Media Corporation

Since the adfurikun SDK distributes ads from different ad netowrks, managing has gotten easier compared to the time we used to integrate multiple SDKs. Since integrating adfurikun, our earnings grew 3 times and we're satisfied with the frequent advice we get for improving our profitability.

ibis inc.
"ibisPaint XAndroid/iPhone"

Considering how each ad network can immediately be integrated, managing has gotten a lot easier. The report is wonderful, letting us view which ad network is best at glance. And since it works with 1 SDK, the updating process became convenient. We appreciate their fast support and we can't think of operating without adfurikun ^^

"メテヲの魔法使い ~魔法勇者のファンタジー物語・放置ゲームアプリ~Android/iPhone"

Distributing different ad networks without the troublesome process, as well as automatically adjusting to the ideal state, and on top of all that it provides an intelligent management tool to view results. In addition, we're greatful for their sincere support. It's definitely broadened our horizons. For anybody looking to monetize smartphone apps, adfurikun is an absolute must!

NANO Media Inc.
"超体験!エイのひものつくり LINEなめこモンストファン必見Android/iPhone"

Even with all the different ad types and features it offers, operating is simple. We're thankful for their kind advice in helping us improve our earnings!

Homepage System, Inc.
"漫画読破 全巻無料のマンガアプリAndroid/iPhone"

The easy to use admin screen, the simple SDK that supports Unity, and the thoughtful support are all too convenient that we can't live without adfurikun.


Tasuku Kaimori
Before we started using adfurikun, we used to stare at the management screen everyday and manually switched the ad networks since the compatibility of each app and advertising company varied each time. With adfurikun, it not only made it easier but made big improvements in our profit. Above all, we like the polite, speedy support!

Tasuku Kaimori様

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